Talentral profiles contain all the necessary sections to effectively present your career story. This is your QuickStart guide to making your first profile.

First, some things to remember:
  • There is no limit to the amount of information that you can include in your profile.
  • None of the sections on the profile are required. If you leave a section blank, it will not be displayed when people view your profile.
  • Many types of profile elements allow you to add Details. Since details don't appear in the top-level, adding details is a great way of enhancing your profile without causing it appear cluttered (see Details below).
  • With the exception of Work Experience, which is automatically ordered by date, you can reorder any list of profile elements.
  • You have to make you profile public before others will be able to view it.

Here is the list of all profile elements and their brief description.

Profile Picture

Use a 200 pixel by 200 pixel professional picture. The format should be .jpg or .png.

Profile Video

Create a video of yourself no longer than 90 seconds. Don't repeat what is in your profile. Try to show your personality and explain why you are a good fit. Upload your video to YouTube and link to it from within your profile.

Profile Heading

This section provides your name, your title, your geographic area and contact information. Your name and geographic areas are taken from your account settings. Your contact information is a Talentral anonymized email address where people can contact you. Your title can be anything you want – we suggest using a title that suggests what you'd like to be at your next job.


This is an 80 - 90 word summary of who you are. This should pique viewers' interest to look further at your profile. Try to keep it short and powerful, either describing yourself succinctly or something about you that makes you a great candidate.

Expertise & Accomplishments

This section allows you to provide a list of your top achievements. When writing Accomplishments, try to use specific tangible examples that show why you are/were an asset to the organization. Write them in headline fashion and pique the interest of the viewer. Then add details to provide support (see Details below). Provide somewhere between 3 and 12 Expertise & Accomplishment items, depending on your years of experience.


Details is not a specific section, but rather additional material that you can add to many different types of profile elements. Click the yellow “+” to add or view Details. Details can include additional text and/or files (pictures, video, slideshare, links, etc. -- with more file types to be added soon).

Work Experience

Company Name, Start and End dates: Use the precise legal name of the organization you worked for. Provide the start date (month and year) and then the end date or check the box if you still work there.

Positions / Title

Provide the title of each of the positions that you held at the company. Note that the title of the last position you held at any given company is also shown in the collapsed view directly following the Company Name.

Description / Positions Summary

Provide a brief description of the position. Why was this position important to the organization.


Similar to the Expertise & Accomplishments section at the top of your profile, try to list tangible accomplishments that show why you are/were an asset to the organization (as opposed to simply listing responsibilities). And again, use headline form and add Details as necessary. If the viewer is interested, he/she will drill down. Note that it is perfectly fine to repeat an accomplishment that you have listed at the top of your profile.


List your most pertinent skills to the role you are considering. Think of all your transferable skills and use Details to provide evidence that you really have the skill.

Education & Training

List your education and any special training. Provide Details if appropriate (explanation of specific study, an image of your diploma, etc.). For more recent grads, feel free to discuss your course work and class rankings.

Publications & Presentations

List any publications and presentations, providing Details if appropriate. If you cannot provide full access to an article, then consider providing an abstract and/or a link to a web site where it is available.


Similar to Publications & Presentations.


This is a catch-all category where you can list anything else that you like, including professional affiliations, related interests, etc. As usual, you may add Details to provide more support if appropriate.

All Talentral Profiles are natively optimized for search engines and our optimization algorithms improve regularly. All profile elements and all Details will improve this optimization, so do your best to capture as much of your professional story as possible.