Adding a video to your profile is an important step to making yourself stand out. By showing a bit of your personality, you differentiate yourself from people that submit only a resume; you instantly become a more memorable candidate!


This short video (less than 2min) will give you some good ideas for what content to put in your video.

Basic Process

Talentral supports linking to either YouTube or Vimeo for creating videos. Here is the basic process:
  1. Create your video
  2. Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo (and copy the link)
  3. Start editing a profile and click on the “ADD VIDEO” button (it's located on your picture).
  4. In the "Link Media" section of the window, fill in the video's URL. Add a label if you like. Then click the “Upload New Link to Library” button. The video will now appear in your library.
  5. Click the video in your library. You're done!

Technical Help

Shooting a video is relatively straight forward. There are a few important technical elements to consider. There are numerous resources on the web to help you do a professional job.
  1. Lighting – Uniform lighting is important. Try to light both sides of your face and try to avoid creating big shadows. The following video provides good hints on lighting. Ignore the information regarding the video editing application (Final Cut Pro)
  2. Sound – Capturing good sound is easy if you pay attention to a few basic facts
    1. Select a quiet place, close the windows and let the dog out
    2. Use an external microphone or, if you don't have one, try to be as close as you can to the internal microphone of your recording device. Lapel microphones are best, but if you don't have one and can't borrow one, just use the microphone on your video camera or smart phone.
    3. Test your sound. Do a quick recording and listen to it. If it sounds muddy or has lots of echo, try changing locations for a better result. Rooms with carpeting/rugs or more things on the walls usually tend to sound better.
  3. Resolution – Set your camera, video camera, or phone to the highest resolution possible (not all devices allow you to change this, but many do). And if possible, shoot in HD (again, most modern devices allow this). YouTube does a great job optimizing high-resolution (and HD) videos for general consumption.