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Our Products & Services

Uniform and Consistent Talent Acquisition

Deliberate, consistent and objective talent acquisition process is key to hiring the best talent. Variations and inadvertent biases in the recruiting process result in inconsistencies, which are immeasurable and hard to correct.

We design a comprehensive tailor-made talent acquisition process for our clients to meet their specific needs for each position in their specific geography - considering the talent pool and the competitive landscape of the area.

  • Interview team and process, down to the specific and strategic questions
  • Talent outreach and proactive talent acquisition
  • Job descriptions to engage/entice the best talent
  • Process optimization to speed time-to-hire
  • Metrics, metrics, metrics
  • Continuous improvements

Talent Retention

Oftentimes, employees quit their bosses and the atmosphere rather than their jobs. Hostile and disrespectful work environments make an already tough service job even more challenging.

We provide management/leadership consulting to develop pleasant and harmonious work environment. Bring out the best in your team and provide an inviting work atmosphere so they come to work enthusiastically.

  • Leadership as a service
  • Employee engagement in the common goal of the business
  • Communication, communication, communication
  • Competitive compensation, training and career path
  • Metrics, metrics, metrics
  • Continuous improvements

Best of Breed Talent Acquisition Tools

ZippyAppTM has successfully served thousands of service establishments and millions job seekers.

It is a premium applicant tracking/management tool with unmatched job distribution network and recruitment marketing capabilities specifically designed for the service sector employers and job seekers. Speed and efficiency is the name of the game.

  • Job distributing
  • Applicant management/tracking
  • Career site
  • Digital onboarding
  • Social Media integration

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About Talentral

We are a boutique consulting firm specialized in all things talent related in the service industry. We have decades of unique expertise in meeting the demanding and dynamic challenges of service sector employers.

We have developed great insight into the dynamic world of service sector talent acquisition, which led us to the development of our best of breed product ZippyApp. Observing our clients multitude of talent related challenges and by popular demand, we are offering comprehensive consulting service to aid our clients attract and retain top talent.

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